Utility Lets Artists Display NFTs On TVs And Internet-Enabled Screens

by Mat Dirjish

Loupe, a streaming art platform on connected TVs, is releasing WalletStream, a utility that allows NFT artists and collectors to display their NFTs on TVs and other internet-enabled screens. Available for free, the utility is reportedly the first to securely and seamlessly integrate public wallet addresses into the Loupe TV application while displaying NFTs in a continuous stream. The utility works globally on Apple TV and LG Smart TVs (2018-2022 models only, LG Magic Remote recommended).

Dot Bustelo, Loupe CEO & Founder, said “We’re excited to contribute to the entire NFT ecosystem by providing something so accessible, free, and fun to do with your NFTs. With WalletStream, you can watch your NFTs with your friends and family at home; it’s that easy. Get ready to liberate your NFTs.”

Loupe allows Web3 services to be easy and accessible to the TV viewing community. Anyone with a connected TV or device will be able to stream their NFTs with WalletStream.

The utility currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow blockchain based wallets. For more details, visit the Loupe Art website.

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