Music Hath Charms To Help Smokers Quit

by Mat Dirjish

Nicorette, the company known for its products that help smokers kick the habit, is taking a new approach. To date, most of the company’s offerings are in the form of gum, lozenges, and mini lozenges that help people quit smoking by gradually stepping down their exposure to nicotine. Now, Nicorette offers SmokeLess Break Beats, which it describes as a first-of-its kind, customizable music listening experience that employs music therapy to motivate smokers to take healthier breaks.

Developed in partnership with Berklee Music and Health Institute, the program features original music and encourages smokers to listen during smoke-less breaks. Nicorette enlisted 30+ students and faculty to design eight original tracks, referencing scientific research about overcoming smoking addiction.

Students at Berklee College of Music composing the original music for Nicorette’s SmokeLess Break Beats program.

The original compositions reside in four playlists that promote relaxation, focus, confidence, and physical release. Playlists are available for free on Spotify and are customizable using the listener’s music history.

As per Nicorette, smoke breaks traditionally serve as treasured moments that help smokers slow down and relax. On average, smokers take about three, 15-minute breaks per day. With stress, fatigue, and burnout at an all-time high, Nicorette encourages smokers to continue taking smoke breaks, but with music replacing their cigarettes.

Joy Allen, Ph.D., MT-BC, Director, Berklee Music and Health Institute at Berklee College of Music, said, “Scientifically proven, music reduces cravings, and even activates the same pleasure centers in the brain that nicotine does. The music tracks help listeners regulate the psychological and physiological functions related to smoking, such as breathing, mood, and heart rate.”

If you smoke and want to take a crack at quitting, or if you know someone who you’d like see quit, learn more with a visit to the SmokeLess website. There you will find a one question craving quiz that will create a personal playlist, retrievable on Spotify. For even more data and details, visit the Nicorette website.

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