Smart Goggles Chart The Future Of Swimming

by Mat Dirjish

Augmented reality (AR) company GUANGLI unveils Holoswim 2, its second-generation AR smart swim goggles. Promising to take swimming into the future, the AR-enhanced goggles are suitable for pro and hobbyist swimmers.

Whether training with goals, swimming to get fit, or counting laps, Holoswim 2 integrates smart sensors and advanced algorithms to accurately detect live metrics of all stroke types and to show real-time data on the goggles. Data appears on a transparent OLED holographic display, allowing users to see their progress as they swim.

The goggles record and display distance, time, laps, pace, calories, heart rate, and other data. After swimming, stored data syncs to the Holoswim app for review and analysis.

Holoswim 2 employs anti-fog and mirror coatings to avoid fogging. Via a resin-based AR optical module with high light transmittance and a 25° FOV, it gives a broad and transparent view so swimmers can clearly see the environment.

Additionally, Holoswim 2 fits everyone and includes four interchangeable nose bridges and adjustable FDA-certified silicone straps. The goggles support magnetic charging and specify a battery life of four hours per charge.

Holoswim 2 is available now for pre-sale with a special price for early adopters. Ready to take the plunge but require more details? If so, visit the Holowswim website. To pre-order the goggles, visit the kickstarter page.

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