Partnership Yields Compelling Art Portraying Animal Exploitation

by Mat Dirjish

Animal advocacy and wildlife nonprofit Born Free USA is partnering with artist Brian Ahearn of ZooDraws to create a series of comic strips exploring the suffering of wild animals in the pet trade. Ahearn’s work is more commonly known for its tongue-in-cheek humor, however there’s nothing to laugh about in the stories accompanying his creations for Born Free USA.

The offering consists of five comics drawn in Ahearn’s distinctive style. They are Vervet Monkey, Tiger, African Gray Parrot, Chameleon, and Asian Giant Softshell Turtle. His hope is that they reach new audiences for the non-profit, whose work centers on the protection of wild animals in captivity and in their natural habitat.

According to the artist, “Millions of wild animals are sold into the US pet trade every year, and the impact is significant. Not only do the individual animals suffer compromised welfare, but they pose a very real risk to public safety, and the trade causes lasting damage to wild populations. Overall, the trade in wildlife is a disaster for animals, for humans, and for the environment. This is what we hope these powerful comics will help to portray.”

The comics are available for viewing on the Born Free USA website. The partners encourage visitors to share them widely.

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