True Wireless ANC Earbuds Feature Hybrid Drivers

by Mat Dirjish

Global music tech company Donner Music is launching Dobuds ONE true-wireless, active noise cancelling (ANC) earbuds. The component employs what the company calls hybrid drivers, which are a combination of a 12-mm liquid crystal polymer (LCP) dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver. Essentially, they operate similar to a woofer/tweeter combo in a standalone speaker.

Sutter Zhao, product manager of Donner Headphones Division, states, “Dynamic drivers are good for delivering warm sounds with strong bass, but lack detail in the upper frequencies and as a result produce unbalanced sound. With a hybrid design of one large dynamic driver for rich bass response and one customized balanced armature driver for more delicate sound in the high frequencies, Dobuds ONE effectively delivers better balanced, multi-layered sound.”

Donner Dobuds ONE True Wireless Earbuds

Dobuds ONE achieves a whopping 30 dB of total noise cancellation. They also employ dual-mic beamforming and unique wind noise resistant technology to provide noise-free phone calls.

Each earbud integrates four microphones, two of which measure and process environmental sounds, respectively. It eliminates wind noise when combined with the anti-noise construction on the outside of the earphones and the operation of the Donner Control iOS/Android app.

The app provides access to six  EQ presets as well as extra customizable EQ modes. Users can boost or diminish specific frequencies to their personal listening preferences. It allows them to customize the EQ for the type of music they listen to, e.g., rock, pop, electronic, classical, etc.

Other features include a 10-minute charging time for two hours of play time, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and a waterproof design. Additionally, the earbuds are available in matte black, mint green, snow white, and navy blue.

Dobuds ONE earbuds are available in the US on the Amazon Marketplace for $49.99. For more details and data, pay a visit to the Donner Music website.

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