Wireless Gateway Goes The Last Mile

by Mat Dirjish

Embedded wireless product developer Blue Wireless claims it’s Sparrow Gateway solves the last mile problem of connecting low-cost, low-power sensors for shared data backhaul to the cloud. Said to be  power-efficient, the Sparrow Gateway provides cellular or Wi-Fi backhaul and orchestrates long range radio (LoRa) based communication with Sparrow Sensors. Saving time and effort, the development kit provides reference hardware, example firmware, and a web application.

Sensor clusters and LoRa sensor data route through the company’s Notecard-powered cellular gateways. The Notecard reportedly simplifies cellular applications via democratizing. Blue Wireless claims this capability is only available to sophisticated engineering firms.

The company also claims Sparrow can deliver the same development experience to wireless solutions beyond just cellular. The Sparrow extends the same developer experience to a variety of wireless scenarios such as Wi-Fi and LPWAN.

Brandon Satrom, VP of Experience Engineering at Blues Wireless, said, “When building wireless IoT solutions, developers sometimes run into scenarios that require lower-cost connectivity than they can achieve with a cellular or Wi-Fi module in every device. Sparrow provides low-cost LoRa-based sensors for these use cases and leverages the Notecard for cloud backhaul, to simplify and accelerate the process of building device cluster-based applications.”

The Sparrow developer kit is now available for purchase. For more details and to purchase, visit the Blues Wireless website.

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