Bubble Detection Sensor Easily Integrates Into Existing Systems

by Mat Dirjish

Smart-sensor maker Instrumems has a new bubble detection sensor that it says will easily integrate into existing liquidcontrol systems. The IM-21LQ000BD sensor boasts a fast response time with the ability to quantify micro-size bubbles occupying less than 50% of a channel.

Instrumems’ bubble detection sensor

The sensor’s core technology is based on a unique MEMS-based nano thermal filament used for accurate flow measurement. Features of the company’s bubble detection technology include:

  • Bubble detection: <50% occupied channel
  • Response time: <1 ms
  • Bubble detection at low flow rates: ±0.5 ml/min

According to the company, the IM-21LQ000BD solves several problems that certain manufacturers face. These include:

  • Liquid flow control: ensures valve closure so no leaks occur.
  • Integrated equipment: delivers visibility into areas inaccessible to the user or not easily serviced.
  • Additive manufacturing: identifies blocks and provides data for better control and delivery of the material.

Target markets include food processing, additive manufacturing, life sciences, and medical applications. As per Instrumems, comparable alternatives, e.g., ultrasonic sensors, are five times the cost with restrictions on tube types and accuracy. Using the IM-21LQ000BD, there are no constraints with tube material or thickness. Its tiny form factor makes it easy to integrate into small tubes.

Ready to detect some bubbles but require deeper details? If so, procure and peruse the IM-21LQ000BD datasheet.

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