Partners Build Revolutionary Virtual Music Curriculum

by Mat Dirjish

The San Francisco Girls Chorus (SFGC) is partnering with JackTrip Labs to create a unique virtual statewide music curriculum. Dubbed SFGConnect, the collaboration is a pilot program that offers SFGC’s full choral and music theory curriculum to singers exclusively over the internet. SFGConnect will allow girls and gender expansive youth ages 7 to10 to participate in SFGC’s accredited music training, even if they live hundreds of miles away.

The San Francisco Girls Chorus (SFGC)

JackTrip’s Virtual Studio makes the virtual curriculum possible by enabling real-time music collaboration with high-quality audio. SFGC director Valérie Sainte-Agathe said, “We’ve been using JackTrip for two years now, during the entire pandemic. It was the only technology that allowed a chorus of 50 to 100 choristers to sing together successfully over the internet. I was finally able to build a program, to have the music ready to sing during the pandemic.”

JackTrip Labs co-founder Alan Hu explains, “Put yourself in the shoes of a parent with a driven young singer, but because you live in a small community some 200 miles away, you can’t access SFGC even though your child is deserving of that level of training. All of a sudden, with this innovative SFGConnect program, your young singer can participate in this world-class organization to develop their musical skills to the highest level, and bond with other kids with similar capabilities. That social connection, that is the magic that I see here.”

For more details, visit the San Francisco Girls Chorus website. Also check out the JackTrip Labs website.

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