Bluetooth Speakers Deliver A True Multisensory Listening Experience

by Mat Dirjish

LG Electronics USA believes its XBOOM 360 and XBOOM Go speakers—models X03, XG7 and XG5—deliver high-power sound for a true multisensory music experience. The model X03QBK features 360 sound with a three-way sound system that provides a panoramic listening experience with accurate treble, clear mids, and deep bass.

Improving on last year’s speaker, the new LG XBOOM 360 (model X03QBK) features advanced 360 sound with a 3-Way Sound System, providing listeners with a panoramic listening experience — more accurate treble, clearer mid, rich and deeper bass. The innovative cone-shaped speaker envelops listeners in audio from every angle.

The cone-shaped speaker envelops listeners in audio from every angle. And an IP54 dust and water resistance rating enables indoor and outdoor listening. The XBOOM 360 also includes a strap for sound on the go and features a bass enhancement. Users can also style the scene with the three mood-lighting modes featuring nine presets.

LG’s newest XBOOM Go models (model XG7QBK and XG5QBK) allow listeners to experience high-quality, powerful sound—along with booming bass—as a result of the woofer.

Additionally, LG XBOOM Go’s Bluetooth capability lets users turn the speaker into a speakerphone. A voice command hotkey enables voice control to activate apps like Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri3. The LG XG7 includes a built-in power bank with a USB Type-C port for charging phones.

Ready to get the party started but require greater gleanings? If so, peruse the 2022 LG XBOOM overview.

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