1550-nm LiDAR Takes Vehicle Safety To Greater Heights

by Mat Dirjish

LSLiDAR, a provider of 3D sensing solutions with both in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities, unveils its LS series 1550-nm fiber laser automotive-grade Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) platform. As per the company, the LS series meets both long-range and high-resolution sensing requirements in Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) L3+ applications. Additionally, the LS series features an in-house fiber laser design that reportedly enables higher levels of performance while offering best-in-class affordability in a compact form factor.

Contrasting conventional 905-nm laser systems, the 1550-nm platform is more than 10,000 times safer for the human eye, allowing for higher peak pulse power for extending detection distances. As a result, intelligent driving systems can detect smaller objects sooner at high speeds.

Image-Grade 1550nm Fiber Laser Auto-Grade LiDAR

In terms of resolution, the LS series features 128-line, 256-line, and 512-line configurations generating 1.6 million points/s, 3.2 million points/s, and 6.4 million points/s, respectively. It specifies a field of view (FOV)of 120°(V) x 25°(H). The 128-line has a standard resolution of 0.09°(H) x 0.2°(V). With the Region of Interest (ROI) feature enabled, equivalent to 512 lines, the angular resolution can reach 0.05°. And the 256-line has a standard resolution of 0.09°(H) x 0.1°(V). With Region of Interest (ROI) feature enabled, equivalent to 800 lines, the angular resolution can reach 0.03°.

Suitable for roof integration, the platform measures 225 mm x120 mm x 45 mm, allegedly 20% smaller than comparable products. And in terms of safety, the LS series carries the highest grade of automotive functional safety process: ASIL D Certification.

LS Series Ultra-Dense Point Cloud

LS series image-grade 1550-nm LiDAR is now available to automotive OEM customers worldwide. For deeper details and data, peruse the LS series overview.

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