Cost-Conscious UVC Emitting Diodes Deliver 37 mW Of Radiant Power

by Mat Dirjish

Vishay Intertechnology’s VLMU35CR40-275-120 and VLMU35CR41-275-120 short wavelength ultraviolet (UVC) emitting diodes in a ceramic- and quartz-based package target sterilization in medical, industrial, and consumer applications. As per the company, compared to previous-generation components, they deliver higher radiant power at a lower cost while offering higher disinfection efficiency and a longer service life.

Both components specify a typical radiant power of 37 mW at 250 mA. Additionally, the VLMU35CR41-275-120 provides a minimum radiant power of 30 mW at 250 mA, which is the same as the closest competing device at 350 mA.

The emitter diodes offer a wavelength range of 265 nm to 280 nm with a typical wavelength of 274 nm. Available in a compact, thermally optimized surface-mount 3.45 mm x 3.45 mm x 1.7 mm package with a ceramic substrate and quartz window, the devices specify a service life of 27, 000 hours at 250 mA and +25°C.

Other shared features include a forward current up to 300 mA, forward voltage down to 5.2V, and an emission angle of ±60°. Both the VLMU35CR40-275-120 and VLMU35CR41-275-120 are compatible with reflow soldering processes and carry a Moisture Sensitivity Level of 3 in accordance with J-STD-020.

Samples and production quantities of the UVC emitting diodes are available now with lead times of eight to 16 weeks. Pricing for US delivery starts at $4.50 each/1,000 for the VLMU35CR40-275-120 and $4.80 each/1,000 for the VLMU35CR41-275-120. For more details, procure and peruse the VLMU35CR40-275-120 and VLMU35CR41-275-120 datasheet.

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