Tiny Box Makes Motion Capture More Accessible

by Mat Dirjish

Taiwan-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup RedPill Lab is launching RedPillGo, which it describes as a tiny, low-cost box with a built-in camera, microphone, and AI chips that will make motion capture easy and more accessible. Aiming to reduce the cost of conventional motion capture and expand AI technology to diverse platforms, the company applies deep learning algorithms to optimize the workflow of real-time character animation.

RedPillGo, the world’s first sensor-less mocap running on a mobile platform powered by AI.

The company also claims RedPillGo is the world’s first sensor-less motion capture (mocap) technology running on a mobile platform powered by AI. According to RH Shih, CEO of Red Pill Lab, “The majority of other current solutions require special hardware, which results in costly products.”

RedPillGo requires no special studio with cameras and sensors. It captures movements of the actors and converts voice into 3D facial expressions in real time.

Prior to RedPillGo, the company was the first to use only six sensors to capture body movements and facial expressions. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company found that it was no longer easy to travel to customer locations to install motion capture equipment. Reversing crisis into opportunity, RedPill Lab began working on products that could break down the limitations of space.

Additionally, RedPillGo employs Red Pill Voice Engine, a multilingual AI-powered engine that enables users to generate expressive facial animation easily from just an audio source. Reportedly, it achieves more natural results for creating digital avatars.

Ready to start mocaping but require deeper data? If so, mosey on over to the RedPill Lab website. Also, more videos are available for your perusal on the RedPill Lab YouTube channel.

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