Versatile Handheld Synth Enters Next Generation

by Mat Dirjish

Artiphon’s compact Orba 1, a handheld yet sophisticated sound synthesizer, is entering its second generation in Orba 2. The new unit includes exclusive presets created by YouTuber, producer, and beat maker Taetro and noted beatboxer Tom Thum.

Taetro said, “With Orba 2, being able to be out, capturing sounds with the app and nearly instantly turning it into an instrument is empowering because, no matter your relationship with music, being able to do fun sampling things like that is huge. It can open up worlds for people, and people can interact with it in the same way they would by picking up a pen and doodling on a sketchpad.”

Additional artists will release samples for Orba 2 for making music across genres and expanding the versatility of digital music creation. These include Laura Escudé, the first certified Ableton trainer and a music programmer who has toured with Ariana Grande, Miguel, and American Idol, and French electronic producer Fakear, an artist on CloZee’s record label Odyzey.

Orba 2 is available now at Artiphon, Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend, Perfect Circuit, American Musical Supply, and zZounds. View Artiphon’s Where To Buy page for a complete list.

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