Virtual Audio Developer Conference Tickets Going Fast

by Mat Dirjish

Producers of the eighth Annual Audio Developer Conference (ADC22) announce that the in-person portion of their hybrid event has sold out, but tickets are still available to attend the virtual online event. The Audio Developer Conference (ADC) is a not-for-profit event dedicated to providing education and resources to audio developers around the world.

Using the Gather virtual venue platform, the online conference runs from November 14 to 16, 2022 and features 65 talks, keynotes, panels, and workshops that focus on audio development technologies. Participants, in person or virtually, can acquire new skills and network for career development through direct contact with representatives from Apple, Focusrite, Avid, GPU Audio, Audiotonix, NVIDIA, and others.

Topics include:

  • The Musical Instruments of Star Trek by Astrid Bin
  • Incompleteness is a Feature Not a Bug by David Zicarelli
  • Solving GPU Audio Processing Problems by GPU Audio and the NVIDIA Deep
  • Audio Industry Health Check Panel with CEOs and CTOs from Focusrite, InMusic, Image-Line Software, and Source Elements
  • Talk abstracts from the ADC Call for Papers chosen by the audio developer community

Ticket pricing starts at £49, approximately $59 USD. For a complete schedule of events, visit the ADC22 schedule page. To purchase tickets, visit the ADC website.

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