Smart Home Components Snag Matter Certification

by Mat Dirjish

Smart home ecosystem component company AiDot launches smart light bulbs and a smart plug that are among the company’s first components to be Matter-certified from CSA. The Matter standard ensures all smart home devices are interoperable. For example, Matter-compatible products operate with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, or any other standard-compliant ecosystem.

Smart light bulbs and Smart Plug from AiDot Ecosystem are one of the First to be Matter-certified

The OREiN line contains five Matter over Wi-Fi products that carry Matter certification. Among them, smart light bulb A19 RGBTW and smart light bulb BR30 RGBTW in the United States and smart light bulb A60 RGBTW, smart light bulb Candle RGBTW, and smart light bulb GU10 RGBTW in Europe.

Another line, MuJoy offers two Matter over thread products sporting the Matter certification. MuJoy will launch Smart Bulb A19 RGBTW and a Smart Plug for the US region

Finally, Linkind has two Matter certified over Wi-Fi products. Linkind will launch products in the United States including Smart Bulb A19 RGBTW and Smart Bulb BR30 RGBTW. For more information, visit AiDot.

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