Shape-Shifting Proteins Give Up Their Deep Secrets

by Mat Dirjish

UAE and Germany based RAM Medical Corporation L.L.C. (RMC) has developed what it claims is a revolutionary 3D biomolecular mapping platform called the Terahertz Express Analyzer (ThEA) for real-time 3D imaging of proteins. The company’s goal is to radically change drug development and personalized diagnostics industries by dramatically reducing time and costs.

A ThEA platform map of the side chains in the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein receptor-binding domain (RBD), and a map of the hydrogen-bonding network in the spike (S) protein directly from in vitro samples. The left side of the image shows how the system compiles small segments that are detected and analyzed to construct a map of the protein at the scale of individual atoms.

The ThEA atomic-scale imaging enables non-destructive real-time observation of biomolecules within a protein in motion. Observation revealed how proteins use multi-frequency vibrations to change their shapes and functions, enabling the understanding of how life functions at the smallest scale.

ThEA embarks as the first non-destructive technology to produce 3D atomic-scale maps of entire portions of proteins in real-time. RMC also announces a critical development that enables the 3D mapping of the entire inner and outer composition of proteins including their higher-order structures.

Researchers can now visualize the dynamic motions of individual protein segments as well as the entire protein’s movements in biological samples. As a result, ThEA technology has the potential to reduce diagnostic testing times to seconds.

Passing tests and clinical patient trials in several countries, ThEA carries CE regulatory approval for clinical diagnostics of multiple viral pathogens throughout Europe. For more details, visit RAM Medical Corporation.

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