Synthetic Material Permanently Integrates With Human Tissue

by Mat Dirjish

Biomimetic implant and technology company CorNeat Vision unveils the EverMatrix, described as a nondegradable synthetic material that permanently integrates with live human tissue. According to the company, it’s the world’s first nondegradable, 100% synthetic, biomimetic Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM), the skeleton of the tissue that seamlessly integrates with human tissue for life. Once implanted, it triggers complex biological processes stimulating cellular (fibroblast) proliferation and colonization that leads to full tissue integration without triggering an adverse foreign body response.

SEM Microscopy of CorNeat EverMatrix™

Developed as part of CorNeat Vision’s artificial cornea project, EverMatrix addresses the need to permanently and bio-mechanically integrate an artificial lens made from polymers with resident ocular tissue. Dr. Gilad Litvin, CorNeat Vision’s Co-Founder and CMO and the inventor of the EverMatrix, said “The main issue with implants is the foreign body response they trigger. Our immune system will work to either degrade and eventually absorb foreign or implanted material or, alternatively, encapsulate it with a granuloma. Devices that aim to integrate with tissue, eventually get absorbed. Until now, no one has found a way to seamlessly and permanently integrate synthetic material and literally embed it with surrounding tissue. I can’t emphasize enough the potential impact of this discovery on human health.”

CorNeat Vision’s first EverMatrix product, the CorNeat EverPatch, is a scleral reinforcement patch that displaces the use of donor and processed tissue products used in ocular surface surgery. The CorNeat EverPatch was submitted for FDA 510K clearance and is expected to enter the market early in 2023. For more details, visit CorNeat Vision.

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