Keyboard Employs Tri-Stage Adjustable Leaf-Spring Mount

by Mat Dirjish

Angry Miao describes its AM AFA as the first mechanical Alice keyboard with a three-stage adjustable leaf-spring mount for 18 different typing combos. At the same time, the company unveils the Hover Ergonomic Maglev Wrist Rest, free with all AM AFA purchases. The keyboard takes its inspiration from one of the Angry Miao team’s favorite mecha animes with its fighter jet-like forward-swept design.

Hollowing out the metal frame of AM AFA takes over seven hours using high-precision five-axis CNC machinery. Edges are then cut and polished and, after two hours of manual grinding and sandblasting of each single piece, AM AFA receives its body finish through anodizing, electrophoresis, or baked paint. Sound like an awful lot of work for a keyboard.

The adjustable leaf-spring mount takes its inspiration from height adjustable coil-over suspension seen on cars since the 1950s. Coil-overs allow for stiffness and a range adjustment of the car’s suspension. Angry Miao’s three-stage adjustable leaf-spring mount brings a similar experience to keyboards.

Rebound stiffness is adjustable by switching between the two different leaf-spring materials: phosphorus copper and stainless steel. Conventional flex adjustment solutions, such as two sets of adjustment pads and an additional set of bottom pads, are also provided for mixing and matching. This allows the user to choose between 18 different typing combos.

Price for the AM AFA is $680.00 for the Base Kit and $795.00. Hey, somebody has to pay for all that machining. For more details, visit the Angry Miao website.

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