Music Education Takes On A New Dimension

by Mat Dirjish

Not everyone can or wants to be a musical virtuoso, but most folks would like to be able to play a musical instrument with the hopes of either becoming a musical wunderkind or just someone who loves to play a musical instrument for her or his enjoyment and fulfillment. For both aficionados of the tonal arts, Melodics offers a solution.

Melodics is a music learning platform that provides a beginner-to-pro journey. Subscribers can access Songs, a catalog of lessons inspired by the popular music that users know by artists like Queen, Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Dr. Dre, Olivia Rodrigo, Paramore, Tame Impala, Silksonic, and more. Aspiring musicians on the electronic drums, MIDI keyboards, and pad controllers can master hit music while creating habitual and consistent practice.

Drawing from hit commercial music, an internal team arranges and produces lessons are using familiar music to make practice fun and meaningful. Users apply accumulated instrument knowledge and skills with real-world context using their own instruments.

Rodi Kirk, Director of Product and Education at Melodics, said, “Our team at Melodics curates a selection of well-known hits, but also the deep cuts most requested by musicians. We believe in learning by doing. You’re playing real music from day one, with instant feedback on performances, on iconic tracks and world class sound design.”

Ready to learn how to play an instrument other than the tuba but need more details? If so, haul your glutes over to the Melodics website and get ready to blow it out your… … … you know!?

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