LiDAR Sensor A First To Capture & Process 3D Data On Single Device

by Mat Dirjish

Blickfeld says its Qb2 LiDAR sensor module is the industry’s first smart LiDAR sensor that integrates the software stack and Wi-Fi connectivity in a single device. The module employs the company’s Percept software stack to provide data for high-volume monitoring purposes, crowd analytics, and smart infrastructure applications.

Integrated compute module allows Blickfeld Percept software stack to run on the device.

The Qb2 employs Blickfeld’s proprietary solid-state software-defined LiDAR technology, enabling what the company claims is an industry first, the capture and processing of data on a single device. This eliminates the need for additional computers and allegedly provides faster insights, better response times, and higher bandwidth availability via edge computing.

Employing Percept software, the Smart LiDAR solves complex challenges in a variety of applications. For sourcing high-volume data monitoring, e.g., the mining, agricultural, or construction industries, Qb2 delivers on-demand, remote, and monitoring and management of inventory across multiple locations as well as the optimization and digitalization of the value chain.

For more details and data, waltz on over to the Qb2 overview. Also pay a visit to the Blickfeld website.

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