Online Music Production Studio Serves Students For Free

by Mat Dirjish

Launching in January 2023, Soundation Education is a flexible, simple, and collaborative online music production learning studio that looks and feels like a real music-production studio. Students get Soundation for free, while schools pay based on the number of teachers using the tool.

Soundation offers a real-life learning experience that is engaging and relevant for those interested in producing music. Students can collaborate in groups on projects that are all safely stored in the cloud and accessible to the teacher. Both students and teachers can take advantage of an extensive production toolset that includes Beatmaker, audio effects, virtual instruments, real-time collaboration, loops and samples, MIDI capabilities, and plugins.

Soundation is available from desktop and laptop devices with Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. Additionally, it is suitable for all grade and experience levels.

Soundation will launch Soundation Education in January 2023, but schools and teachers can get set up now for the spring semester. For deeper data, peruse the Soundation Education overview.

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