Established Barometric Pressure Sensor Scores NextNav Certification

by Mat Dirjish

Next-gen GPS company Goertek Microelectronics takes a victory lap over its noted SPL07-003 digital barometric pressure sensor receiving NextNav certification. The certification process independently verifies the sensor’s performance, ensuring quality, accuracy, and consistency of the readings the sensor produces. Launched in 2021, the SPL07-003 leverages barometric pressure data with the company’s nationwide network to determine altitude with floor-level accuracy in multi-story buildings.

According to its maker, the SPL07-003 is one of the smallest barometers available for consumer applications. Described as a high-accuracy, low-current barometric sensor, it is capable of measuring both air pressure and temperature. This makes the sensor viable for use in mobile and wearable devices, drones, and IoT devices.

As per Dan Hight, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at NextNav, “Accurate 3D vertical location services are critical for emergency services, and pressure sensor performance is key to delivering this information. NextNav’s certification of the Goertek Microelectronics SPL07-003’s test results demonstrates that the sensor will continue to enable smarter systems that deliver the best user experience and ultimately create a better location ecosystem.”

Frank Pang, Sensor Business Unit Head at Goertek Microelectronics, said, “This certification will give our customers greater confidence when selecting Goertek Microelectronics sensor components.”

For deeper details and data, visit the NextNav website, Also, for even greater enlightenment, visit Goertek Microelectronics’ website.

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