Portable Welding Gas Analyzer Verifies AWS Standards

by Mat Dirjish

Gas detection and measurement specialist company CO2Meter’s CM-1650 portable CO2 welding gas analyzer verifies correct CO2 concentrations in welding gases mixes to American Welding Society (AWS) standards. The CM-1650 measures mixed cylinder gas or blended gas at a mixer to ensure the accuracy of the gas and purity of the welds. With preconfigured measurements for C5, C10, C15, C25, and C50, as well as custom settings, the CM-1650 boasts the broadest measurement to AWS standards in the market.

The CM-1650 Portable CO2 Welding Gas Analyzer

The analyzer accurately measures and analyzes multiple welding gas mixes from 0 to 100% CO2 concentration. Users can control and set custom blend gas selections depending upon their choice of concentration range. The analyzer performs this using four NDIR CO2 sensors.

The CM-1650 logs all device data to a micro-SD card for data analysis. Additionally, gas concentrations and a GO/STOP indicator appear on the instrument’s full-color display.

For more details, peruse the CM-1650 overview. And for even more information, contact the company with your questions via email.

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