ASIL Positioning Engine Boosts AV Precision And Safety

by Mat Dirjish

Embarking as the first precise positioning solution that’s both cost effective and works anywhere, Point One Navigation’s FusionEngine Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) rated positioning engine promises to enable safe and precise autonomous vehicles (AVs). The engine pairs Point One Navigation’s software with STMicroelectronics’ TeseoAPP (Teseo ASIL Precise Positioning) GNSS Chipset. The combined solution guarantees functional safety at ASIL-B, a requirement for Level 3+ ADAS systems.

FusionEngine, employing Point One’s proprietary self-calibrating sensor-fusion algorithms, reportedly integrates easily into a variety of host processors used for enabling Level 3+ ADAS and autonomous driving systems. It combines data from multiple sensors, including the TeseoAPP multi-band GNSS receiver, to ensure high accuracy, safety, and integrity.

Combining the TeseoAPP receiver and STA5365S external RF front-end provides dual-band measurement data for all visible GNSS satellites to the main host processor, where Point One’s FusionEngine resides. The TeseoAPP receiver and chipset are compliant with STMicroelectronics’ Automotive Grade qualification, which includes AEC-Q100 and ISO 26262.

According to Point One, its FusionEngine enables developers to complete the Functional Safety Concept Phase for their host system software integration. This includes the definition of Safety Goals, Functional Safety Requirements, and Technical Safety Requirements as well as the test methods to provide evidence of successful integration.

For more details about the FusionEngine, visit the Point One Navigation website. Also take a gander at the STMicroelectronics TeseoAPP GNSS chipset overview.

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