Plankton May Be The Fountain Of Youth

by Mat Dirjish

Greenfilled, a health and wellness brand founded by Spain-based marine biotech company Fitoplancton Marino, is using plankton in its supplements to fight oxidative stress and promote healthy aging. According to the company, research is revealing potential contributors to the aging process, one of which is the oxidative stress theory. The theory finds the ongoing accumulation of oxidative damage can lead to impaired physiological function, increase the risk for disease, and reduce life span.

Greenfilled claims that one promising way to combat this effect over time is the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), a critical antioxidant defense to guard against bodily oxidative stress. Among other benefits, SOD is reportedly effective in the prevention of skin aging.

Marine phytoplankton

The company offers a series of dietary supplements using its TetraSOD ingredient, which it describes as a potent form of SOD harvested from marine phytoplankton. Greenfilled COO Enrique Castaño, said “TetraSOD comes from the cultivation of a novel form of Tetraselmis chuii.”

The company creates TetraSOD via a controlled process on its sustainable, enclosed land-based farms that sequesters carbon dioxide without exposing the growing algae to environmental contaminants. He adds, “This contained system avoids pollutant risks associated with wild harvesting or outdoor farming.” It also ensures that the company’s activities do not disturb the oceanic ecosystem.

Greenfilled combines TetraSOD with other natural elements to create a range of supplements that can reportedly help with energy, memory, and performance. For more details, visit the Greenfilled website and the TetraSOD overview.

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