AI-Based Situation/Emotion Recognition Service Scores A CES First

by Mat Dirjish

Custom emotional music recommendation service company inDJ is taking home some CES 2023 Innovation Awards for its situation/emotion artificial intelligence (AI) based recommendation service. Reportedly, this is the first time that a situation/emotion recognition AI service app has been honored at CES.

inDJ’s situation·emotion AI recommendation service

The in DJ service is a method of recommending music, content, and healthcare information by analyzing user emotions and situations. In addition to the music genre that users prefer, AI provides music lists according to more than 20,000 situations such as mood, weather, and patterns based on smart-phones, IoT applications, and connected car sensors. Based on the AI labeling system, AI also analyzes the data of the music’s sentiment, genres, instrumental composition, beats per minute, and social networking.

Other features of the system include the ability to recommend audio content by identifying user driving habits, driving conditions, and travel preferences. To date, inDJ has achieved more than 500,000 downloads and several vehicle companies such as BMW and Tesla are considering adopting inDJ technology.

Ready to have your music app read your mind but require higher intelligence? If so, contact Joann Kang at inDJ via email.

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