High-Performance Memory Devices Make CES 2023 Debut

by Mat Dirjish

SK Hynix, supplier of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips, flash memory chips (NAND flash), and CMOS image sensors (CIS), is set to showcase its energy-efficient, high-performance memory devices at CES 2023. Debuting under the theme of Green Digital Solutions, the devices are part of the company’s Carbon-Free Future campaign.

The core device at the show, the PS1010 E3.S, is an eSSD chip consisting of multiple 176-layer 4D NAND that supports fifth generation PCIe interfaces. According to the company, the PS1010 exhibits reading and writing speeds that are 130% and 49% faster, respectively, than the previous generation. SK Hynix also claims its performance-per-watt is also better by more than 75%, thereby reducing server operation costs and carbon emissions.

Other devices debuting at CES include the HBM3, a memory device boasting the world’s best specification for high performance computing, GDDR6-AiM that adopts PIM technology, and CXL memory capable of flexible expansion of memory capacity.

Finally, SK hynix will introduce SK enmove immersion cooling technology that cools heat-producing servers by submerging them into cooling oil. As a result, total energy consumption is 30% less than air-cooling technologies.

Ready to learn more? If so, pay a visit to the SK Hynix website.

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