Evaluation Kit Adds Thermal 2D/3D Imaging To ADAS Sensor Suites

by Mat Dirjish

At CES 2023, Owl Autonomous Imaging unveils an evaluation kit for its Thermal Ranger ADAS & Autonomous Navigation Development Platform. According to the company, the kit will enable auto makers, OEMs, and ADAS system developers to quickly and affordably add thermal 2D/3D imaging to their ADAS sensor suites. Reportedly, Owl’s 3D Thermal Ranger enables object identification and ranging in complete darkness or in blinding light, a critical function for ensuring pedestrian safety.

The hardware and software evaluation kit enables Tier 1 and OEM automotive companies to evaluate Thermal Ranger in their pedestrian automatic emergency braking and other ADAS applications supporting L2, L2+ and L3/L4 requirements.  Owl’s monocular thermal camera solution enables 2D/3D perception for object classification, 3D segmentation of objects, RGB-to-thermal fusion, and accurate distance measurements.

Promoted as the world’s only monocular 3D thermal ranging system, the Thermal Ranger platform enables cars to see at night as well as enabling the vehicle to know how far away a living object is and what it is. Thermal Ranger currently provides VGA image resolution, but in the near future it will allegedly provide a 150-times improvement in resolution and cloud density over other comparable sensing paradigms.

The platform operates day and night, in all weather, and accurately classifies vulnerable road users including pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and vehicles while calculating position and direction to enable safe autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle operation. When the environment blinds standard cameras and perception sensors, thermal ranging cameras continue to work.

The Thermal Ranger platform consists of a thermal imaging camera, an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin AI processor, and the Owl AI software suite including Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), ROS applications, AI/ML framework and drivers, and necessary cables and adapters. The CNNs operate on the thermal images to provide 3D object classification and ranging information using the Robot Operating System Publish/Subscribe interface. Several example ROS applications are also in the mix.

The Evaluation Platform is available now. For greater gleanings, read more on the Owl AI website.

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