Unified Cabin Enhances In-Vehicle Experiences

Embarking at CES 2023, Garmin International’s in-vehicle unified-cabin design offers personalized entertainment zones and intuitively connects passengers’ wireless devices to real-time game streams, videos, music, and other content. It features four infotainment touchscreens, an instrument cluster, a cabin monitoring system, wireless headphones, wireless gaming controllers, smartphones, and numerous entertainment options. Control is via a single Garmin multi-domain computing module.

According to Garmin, its system is customizable for each passenger and easy to operate. It employs ultra-wideband positioning technology to automatically connect wireless devices to the appropriate display.

A cabin monitoring camera identifies and unlocks each passenger’s personal user interface profile, enabling occupants to personalize multiple entertainment options including cloud-based console and PC games, on-board games, and multiple streaming video platforms. Using the Cabin App feature, passengers can locate connected devices, control other displays, and share video and audio content across multiple passenger zones.

Ready to turn your vehicle cabins into total entertainment centers but require higher knowledge? If so, peruse the Connected Cabin overview.

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