Barrel Monitoring System Keeps Tabs On Aging Wine

by Mat Dirjish

Simple Labs’ Cogni wine-barrel monitor, a CES 2023 innovation awards honoree in the Food & Ag Tech category, promises to simplify the winemaking process. The Cogni barrel monitors wine aging in real time while providing instant data to winemakers.

Mike Slone, Simple Labs CEO and Cogn Wine Barrel Monitor Inventor. (Photo by Ron Essex)

Cogni is a patented, wireless, continuous, integrated barrel aging monitoring system that can track temperature, humidity, phenol/guaiacol, acetic acid, SO2, pH, alcohol, and fill levels, making data accessible to winemakers from anywhere. By forming a network of connected devices, with any number of barrels, if levels slip out of user-set tolerance ranges, Cogni sends alerts via mobile and desktop notifications. Winemakers can then review the current levels and recorded data to determine their next steps.

Ready to monitor your vino, but thirst for deeper data? If so, thirst no more and drink of the knowledge available from the Simple Labs Cogni overview.

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