AI Technology Delivers Beer Recommendations Based On Human Biology

by Mat Dirjish

At CES 2023, Aromyx unveiled its consumer-facing sensory recommendation artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company’s technology has the ability to make beer recommendations based on human biological responses by replicating human senses of taste and smell. The technology analyzes a consumer’s likes and dislikes about tastes and fragrances to also recommend other products.

Aromyx product recommendation technology employs sensory science to listen to consumer-reported taste and smell preferences and creates a custom list of products they may like.

The technology suggests food, beverage, or fragrance products for consumers based on how a product’s taste or smell matches an individual’s own taste and smell affinities. It identifies the products that a consumer views positively or negatively and matches them with products that best meet their personal preferences.

Aromyx product recommendation technology uses sensory science to listen to consumer-reported taste and smell preferences. The result? A customized list of products they”ll love.

First, Aromyx conducts lab screening and analysis to objectively measure how a target audience perceives a product’s taste or smell. Using the lab results, the company builds a custom consumer-facing interface to access an extensive product database that it uses to query consumers in search of product recommendations. The interface queries consumers, in-person or online, to answer a series of questions about their taste and scent preferences. Their responses provide the basis for the product recommendations.

Ready to let AI technology tell you what to eat, drink, and/or sniff but hunger for greater gleanings? If so, chow down on the multicourse meal of information on the Aromyx website.

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