eFuses Offer Wider Operating Range Plus Active Reverse Blocking

by Mat Dirjish

Vishay Intertechnology’s latest electronic fuses (eFuses) feature programmable current limits, overvoltage protection, 3 mm x 3 mm TDFN packages, and operate over a 2.8V to 23V input voltage range with a 28 VIN dc tolerance. The 3.5A SiP32433A/B and 6A SiP32434A/B integrate multiple control and protection features to minimize the need for external components.

Viable for use in medical and industrial equipment, robotics, consumer goods, home automation systems, and gaming consoles, they reportedly provide precise control and swift fault responses. Upon switch-off due to latchable faults, the SiP32433A and SiP32434A latch the power switch off while the SiP32433B and SiP32434B will auto-retry after a settable period of time. The SiP32433A and SiP32433B with active reverse blocking target applications featuring USB Type-C and multiple power source switching.

The eFuses reduce on-resistance by 43% over previous-generation components, translating into a 32% higher current capability. The 78 mΩ SiP32433A/B has a current limit setting range of 0.3A to 3.5A, while the 33 mΩ SiP32434A/B offers a range of 0.5A to 6A. Both devices guarantee current limit accuracy down to ±8%. Other features include a programmable turn-on slew rate, an ESD tolerance of 2 kV (human body model) and 0.75 kV (charged device model), and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C.

Samples and production quantities of the eFuses are available now, with lead times of 20 weeks. For deeper details peruse the SiP32433A/B datasheet and the SiP32434A/B datasheet.

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