AI Model Makes For Better Orators

by Mat Dirjish

With the goal of making prospective speakers much better orators, Treegoat Media’s artificial intelligence (AI) model measures how interesting speeches are. The model analyzes text and assigns an interest score between 0.0 and 1.0 for every sentence of a speech’s text. It then compiles the data to give an overall interest score for the entire speech. Treegoat enlisted Voicebot Research to assess the model’s output to get an independent evaluation of how AI evaluates speeches.

As an example, the model analyzed Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. According to the company, it is one of the highest-scoring speeches in terms of the interest score. King’s oration starts with an interest score above 0.8, varies slightly throughout, but stays high until the end. The AI model generated an overall average interest score of 0.88. In addition to speech writers/makers, there are numerous other applications for the model including researchers or educators that want to delve further into the analysis of political and other speeches.

Ready to sharpen your oratory skillset but require greater enlightenment? If you, you can download Treegoat Media’s study “Setting Opinion Aside” below, which includes 30 charts and 25 pages of analysis. Also, pay a visit to the Treegoat Media website for more gleanings. | 1-516-422-1431 |

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