Steel Mount Locks And Secures Studio Macs

by Mat Dirjish

Sonnet Technologies’ MacCuff studio mounting bracket secures Apple Mac Studio computers under a desk or to a wall. Viable for use in businesses, schools, and homes, the component allows users to secure their Macs in place while maintaining easy access to their ports and power switch. Sonnet provides installation documentation, a drill-hole template, and the necessary hardware to attach the bracket.

MacCuff Studio is a heavy-gauge steel security mounting bracket with a locking bar that thwarts theft without impeding the computer’s useability. According to the company, it differs from plastic mounts and other metal mounts. Plastic mounts break easily and provide little to no security. Some metal mounts use aluminum instead of steel or may be easy to disassemble, properties that make them less secure.

The MacCuff Studio locking bar secures to the bracket in a number of ways, enabling users to choose the level of protection they desire. These include the use of a combination of Phillips head and Torx screws, all of which come with the unit. The locking bar also includes holes for a padlock and a Kensington security lock, both sold separately.

Overall, the component provides theft deterrence on all sides and its design makes it pry-resistant when mounted. To eliminate cable clutter, Sonnet also includes two adhesive-backed cable management clips.

The MacCuff Studio, part number CUFF-STD, is available from Sonnet. Price is $79.99 each. For deeper data and greater gleanings, peruse the McCuff Studio data page.

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