Wireless Tech Harvests Power From Established RFID Readers

by Mat Dirjish

Radio-frequency (RF) and wireless power company Powercast is partnering with electronic-component manufacturer KYOCERA AVX to create sustainable, battery-free technologies capable of harvesting power from RFID readers to power electronic shelf labels (ESLs), RFID sensor tags, and other battery-free IoT devices. KYOCERA AVX’s supercapacitors and Powercast’s over-the-air wireless power technology combine to enable maintenance-free sensor tags and ESLs powered solely by RF harvested from RFID readers.

The way it works is, a Powercast PCC110 Power harvester receiver chip embedded in electronic devices harvests RF out of the air when it comes within range of a UHF RFID reader. It converts that RF to direct current, then stores it in a KYOCERA AVX supercapacitor. Reportedly, this power storage eliminates battery replacement maintenance and keeps disposable batteries out of landfills.

Charles Greene, PhD, COO and CTO of Powercast, explains, “The ability to power green, sustainable devices solely from the RF harvested from RFID readers deployed throughout many industries can solve the main problem IoT deployments face: battery replacement.” For more details, visit the Powercast’s website, and don’t forget to visit the KYOCERA AVX.

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