Music Library Hosts New Artists, Presents Unreleased Music

by Mat Dirjish

For true music junkies, HotDrop is launching a music library featuring emerging artists and offers full-length tracks of unreleased music, sharing capabilities, and artist analytics.

Described by the Wall Street Journal as an app to help music listeners and fans discover music in new ways, HotDrop has expanded their platform to include natural discovery tools that mimic how listeners find and share new music.

Listeners can store full-length versions of songs in the new user library. Unlike streaming services, listeners can store unreleased songs or exclusive versions or remixes in their libraries without distribution to DSPs. Also, artists can make changes to songs or delete songs entirely as they see fit.

Via updated external and internal links, users can seamlessly share links to songs they discover via text or messaging platforms. HotDrop facilitates discovery through sharing done by word of mouth.

Analytics within the HotDrop Studio for artists provides data on listens, total listening time, and total likes and shares. This feature will continue evolving, as the HotDrop development team plans to announce additional analytical insights in the near future.

Ready to discover some new music? If so, boogie on down to the HotDrop website.

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