Famous Hands Finger Funds For Global Charities

by Mat Dirjish

Dallas, TX based nonprofit initiative, My Hand My Cause, joins celebrity power with fine art photography to raise money for charities and foundations around the world. The initiative’s mission theory is, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the pictures of the most famous hands in sports, music, movies, art, medicine, science and more should be worth millions of dollars for charity.”

The My Hand My Cause, a 501(c)(3) organization, is the brainchild of award-winning photographer Dennis Murphy and veteran marketing executive Everett Wilder. They turn photographs of the hands of influential people into fine art in the form of museum quality prints, which they sell to benefit the foundation or charity of each celebrity’s choice.

Initial celebs include basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki, pro football star and recent Walter Payton Man of the Year recipient Dak Prescott, professional rock climber Alex Honnold, and former NASA astronaut and Navy SEAL Chris Cassidy. Of course, others will follow.

Nowitzki joked, “With this hand I scored over 30,000 points and probably had double as many misses.” The Dirk Nowitzki Foundation will receive the proceeds from his effort. “

Throughout the year, the My Hand My Cause will also showcase and celebrate the hand photographs at gallery events to raise additional funding for each charity. The company has a variety of pro bono supporters, including companies that will help launch an advertising campaign to kickstart the effort.

Ready to lend a hand but require greater gleanings? If so, take your hands out of your pockets and hand sprint over to the My Hand My Cause website.

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