Immersive Mic Captures 3D Sound Beds

by Mat Dirjish

Transducer technology company Audio-Technica describes its BP3600 immersive audio microphone as a tool capable of capturing stable, three-dimensional sound beds at sporting events, concerts, festivals, movie sets, and other events. The compact and lightweight microphone integrates eight microphone modules into its body. These extend from the body to form a cube with 15 cm (5.9 in) between each microphone assembly.

Each microphone consists of a 12-mm (0.47-in) hypercardioid capsule to produce separate, discrete signals and deliver immersive audio experiences with ample spaciousness. In a typical 5.1.4 immersive scenario, the four upper microphone channels are assignable to the upper speaker channels, and the four lower channels to the lower speaker channels. According to the company, this eliminates the need for additional decoding or latency processing during routing.

For user setup, the main unit provides highly visible color-coded and numbered channel indicator rings that allow for identification of channels. Each microphone assembly features a lock that guarantees precise, repeatable positioning and prevents accidental removal. These connector locks additionally protect the microphone terminals from the elements. The unit also comes with a safety strap for connecting to drop-prevention wires when used above spectators.

Each microphone requires phantom power (48 Vdc). The BP3600 comes standard with eight windscreens and a microphone stand clamp with a 5/8″-27 to 3/8″-16 threaded adapter. Sold separately, additional accessories include Rycote BBG Windshields for higher noise protection and Rycote BBG Windjammer synthetic fur covers to attenuate extreme wind noise.

Price for the BP3600 is $5,140. For deeper data and details, peruse the BP3600 overview.

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