Partners Merge Cooling Intelligence Platform With Facility Management Software

by Mat Dirjish

To help users save time, energy, and maintenance costs by reducing equipment failures, asset-management software company Ecotrak is partnering with equipment monitoring and analytics company Therma to integrate Therma’s Cooling Intelligence Platform with Ecotrak Facility Management Software. Via the collaboration, Therma IoT sensors send temperature and humidity data directly into refrigeration and HVAC assets in Ecotrak, triggering real-time emergency alerts and intelligent workflows. The resulting platform tracks and records asset runtime hours and downtime events to provide sensor-driven insights on asset lifecycle.

Matt Singer, Ecotrak CEO, said, “Monitoring critical equipment with Therma IoT sensors is an important milestone for Ecotrak. This partnership accelerates our growth strategy to provide differentiated enterprise asset management solutions that extend a critical asset’s lifecycle and enhance our customers’ quality of life, bringing them additional visibility and peace of mind. Together, we can predict and prevent unplanned equipment downtime before it disrupts the business.”

To learn more, visit the Ecotrak Facility Management Software website. Also, glean even more with a visit to the Therma website.

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