Revered Scotch Maker Enlists Multidisciplinary Artist To Interpret Distillation Process Via AR

by Mat Dirjish

Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a treasured spirit from Scotland’s Speyside region, is partnering with multidisciplinary artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz on a unique interpretation of the spirit’s distillation process through augmented reality (AR). Debuting during Frieze Los Angeles, the collaboration with ErraZuriz is the final piece in the Six Stills Series, a part of the Mortlach by Design program featuring six different designers. The works by Luca Nichetto, Sabine Marcelis, Joe Doucet, Chrissa Amuah, and Felicia Ferrone feature a decanter, bar cart, chair, light fixture, and glassware.

This project is a blend of technology, science, and high-quality design that focus on Mortlach’s unique distillation process. Mortlach employs three essential steps to whisky making: The Harvest, The Distillery, and The Experience.

Through the collaboration, Sebastian drew inspiration from the mystery and magnetism behind Mortlach’s heritage. To mimic what he describes as the “ghost in the machine” feeling, Sebastian worked with State of the art. A.I 02/15/23 in order to create the images that guests saw in the installation He also  worked with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E. His iterative process included tweaking certain words in conversations with ChatGPT to adjust the final image in DALL-E.

Peter Sundry, Senior Brand Manager of Single Malts for North America at Diageo, said, “Sebastian’s AR experience beautifully tells the story of Mortlach whisky, and highlights all the key aspects of what makes Mortlach unique. State of the art. A.I 02/15/23 brought the spirit to life like no other and allows viewers to learn the distinct process of the scotch’s making, while also appreciating the specific elements that define Mortlach.”

For more information, visit the Mortlach website.

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