Innovative Airbag Technology Gets A Perfect Crash-Test Score

by Mat Dirjish

Automotive supplier Hyundai Mobis boasts a perfect score for its Brain Injury Prevention Airbag on the US Obilique crash test and wins the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit in the government-held New Technology Commercialization Competition. The company’s other airbag innovations include its Face-to-face Protection Airbags, Curtain Airbags, and Omnidirectional Airbags for Purpose Built Vehicles (PBVs).

The Brain Injury Prevention Airbag snagged a perfect score in the Brain Injury Criteria (BrIC) in a crash test conducted by the US’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to Hyundai Mobis, conventional airbags in mass-produced vehicles don’t fully prevent a passenger’s head from turning and getting injured. The Brain Injury Prevention Airbag employs a protruding area, i.e., a supplementary chamber, that maximizes pressure about the deployment time to prevent the passenger’s head from turning. Reportedly, this effectively lowers the possibility of the driver receiving a head injury.

Additional safety offerings include a Total Airbag Solution for PBVs, which targets future mobility trends. Also on tap, the face-to-face protection airbag bursts down from the car ceiling to prevent passengers facing each other from crashing into one another. Curtain airbags drop down from the area that connects the ceiling and the roof to envelop the entire car interior. And the omnidirectional airbags reside within the seats and surround passengers’ bodies all at once.

Ready to learn more. If so, pay a visit to the Hyundai Mobis website.

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