UWB Radar Platform Meets Emerging CPD Specs

by Mat Dirjish

CEVA, a licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies, extends its RivieraWaves ultra-wideband (UWB) IP to support emerging UWB-Radar for Child Presence Detection (CPD) specifications from Euro-NCAP and similar specifications in other regions. The company claims the radar platform provides robust sensing of object movements and breathing micro-movements for diverse applications including automotive CPD and gesture control, infant monitoring, and power-saving presence detection in laptops, TVs, and smart buildings

Using UWB radar sensors, versus camera-based sensors, addresses privacy concerns of in-cabin sensing systems and supports low-light operation. As per CVA, by reusing the Secure Digital Key UWB anchor points, increasingly common in automobiles, UWB-based CPD is economically feasible for use across the automotive market spectrum from premium to budget.

CEVA’s UWB radar platform is an add-on software package to the RivieraWaves UWB PHY and MAC IP. It delivers breath per minute (bpm) detection with a less than 1-bpm resolution, allegedly exceeding the Euro NCAP requirements. The company also claims the platform delivers excellent distance and angle measurements in complex cabin environments, enabling gesture recognition and intruder alarm features.

Additionally, the UWB platform is optimizable for different environments including a configurable number of antennas. Designed for coexistence with the Car Connectivity Consortium Digital Key, the solution permits reuse of Digital Key UWB anchor hardware.

Want to learn more about this innovative technology? If so, glean more by perusing the RivieraWaves UWB overview.

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