Collaborators Celebrate A “Green Onions” Anniversary

by Mat Dirjish

Minibeats, creator of the award-winning Orba and INSTRUMENT 1 smart musical instruments, is collaborating with Rhino Records to celebrate the 60th  anniversary of the R&B classic “Green Onions” by Booker T. & The M.G.’s. The collaboration enables anyone to easily remix the iconic song as an interactive Snapchat lens.

Booker T & the MGs – Green Onions Live

The partners are reimagining “Green Onions” with three unique lenses with a simple user interface. The Snapchat lenses are a green onion, a simple color pulse, and a spinning vinyl record. Listeners turn into a green onion, and as they dance or they can transform into a spinning vinyl record and use their mouths to play the music.

The lenses employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stem separation. Recorded decades ago to analog tape, finding stems, i.e., the individual audio files of “Green Onions”  that make a full mix, would normally be impossible for a song this old. Minibeats partnered with music technology company Audioshake to solve this.

As users interact with these animated lenses, they can make their own customized version of the song using their favorite parts – unlocking unlimited possibilities for track versions. Ready to sample some Green Onions? If so, take a whack at the Minibeats app.

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