Unique Sensor Module Monitors And Protects Industrial Control Systems

by Mat Dirjish

Industrial cybersecurity solutions provider Cynalytica unveils OTNetGuard, which it claims is a revolutionary industrial control system monitoring sensor. The sensor passively and securely captures analog, serial, and IP communications, closing the capabilities gap in complete monitoring of OT networks.

OTNetGuard provides optional secure wireless backhaul capabilities for organizations needing to monitor remote or difficult-to-access locations. This also makes it a viable platform for Zero Trust Network Architectures for OT environments, enabling organizations to maintain a high level of out-of-band situational awareness of potential cyber-physical threats and operational anomalies.

The company claims OTNetGuard easily integrates into existing third-party SIEM, SOAR, or GRC platforms. It provides advanced analytics, forensics, and alerts, allowing users to rapidly gain insights into potential cyber-physical events and improve their operational and defense strategies.

OTNetGuard is available for purchase now. For further enlightenment, procure and peruse the OTNetGuard data sheet.

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