Dolby Atmos Composer Creates Immersive Audio With Any DAW

by Mat Dirjish

Fiedler Audio claims its newly-released Dolby Atmos Composer empowers musicians and producers to create immersive audio with any digital-audio workstation (DAW). Enabling a simple creative workflow to produce Dolby Atmos content, Atmos Composer combines multichannel audio rendering and straightforward routing, plus 3D-panning of tracks and signals from DAW tracks into the 3D world of Atmos.

The platform’s Beam Plug-In allows creators to send their audio signals from anywhere in the session into the Composer, the home of the Dolby Atmos Renderer. Users can pan signals to the Dolby Atmos bed and individually treat them as objects in 3D space on one of the 128 independent channels available, including full 3D panning automation.

Also, exporting finished 3D audio projects into the standard ADM/BWF format is reportedly straightforward. Delivering sound and music for the major platforms is easy. Dedicated Spatial Audio for the likes of Netflix, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, and even Binaural Stereo for any other distribution platform that is not yet supporting Spatial Audio.

Dolby Atmos Composer comes as a set of two plugins: Beam and Composer. It supports all major formats like AAX, VST3, and AU. For deeper insights and tutorials, peruse the Dolby Atmos Composer webpage.

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