Artists Descend On Denver To Address Climate Change

by Mat Dirjish

Denver is welcoming internationally acclaimed artists Andrea Bowers, Justen LeRoy, and JR’s Inside Out Project to Cities Summit of the Americas to focus their talents on climate-change awareness. The event, Fábrica de Arte Américas, runs from 10 am April 26, 2023 to 4 pm April 30, 2023 at 4:00 PM in The Slate Denver Warehouses, 1250 Welton Street Denver, CO 80204.The artists will present three powerful art installations and interventions, each of which is intends to provoke reflection, conversation, and encourage action to address the climate crisis.

Andrea Bowers‘ silk-screened Protest Ribbons are messages that focus on both social justice and climate issues. They make statements like system change not climate change, forests are the lungs of the earth, women and the earth have to tolerate a lot.

Multidisciplinary artist Justen LeRoy’s multi-screen video installation, “Lay me down in praise” (2022), imply the Earth’s problems tangle with Black resistance and liberation. It was previously on exhibition at Mark Bradford’s Art + Practice, with the support of The California African American Museum.

French artist JR’s Inside Out Project, in community with the Climate Migration Council, will photograph young leaders from the Americas coming together in Denver to raise awareness for the millions of individuals facing displacement by 2050 due to climate change. The portraits will be wheat pasted onto the side of the Slate Denver Hotel during the summit to create a large-scale artwork showing solidarity for global action at a local level.

FloraJane DiRienzo, Executive Director of the Biennial of the Americas (The Biennial), is the curator of The Slate Denver Warehouse. For more details, visit the Cities Summit of the Americas website.

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