Tokyo-Based B2B Music Platform Surfs Into The US

by Mat Dirjish

SURF Music, a Tokyo-based B2B music platform, has been making great strides in Japan and South Korea for the last three years. The company currently works with major record labels in Japan and Korea, as well as 200+ vetted artists & repertoire(s) (A&Rs). Music buyers and A&Rs can filter and discover songs using SURF’s AI-powered search. They can put holds on certain tracks and place these tracks with their artists and in their projects.

Users can discover unreleased demos by hundreds of invited songwriters, producers, and music creators from across the globe. They can access creative briefs from labels, ad agencies, and film/tv production companies and manage their catalog via AI song tagging. Creators can then organize playlists and submit songs that fit the brief.

Briefly put, via SURF, music buyers can find what they need and creators can make meaningful connections with others like them as well as with music industry pros. The platform plans to regularly roll out new features that improve on existing tools for both.

Of note, SURF Music was a finalist for this year’s SXSW Innovation Award. This marks the US launch of this B2B platform and marketplace that allows creators to sell their unreleased music to buyers across the global entertainment industry.

SURF took part in the SXSW Innovation Awards ceremony on March 13, 2023 in Austin, TX. For more greater enlightenment, visit the SURF Music website.

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