Popular Online Music Studio Now Available In Schools Globally

by Mat Dirjish

Soundation, an online music production tool, is now available to every school worldwide via Soundation Education. According to the company, music students most often do not have hands-on tools for expanding and experimenting with sound production in their classes. Soundation is a full-scale, browser-based digital audio workstation (DAW). Via interactive and easy to use tools, it works with creatives at any stage of their project.

The company began working with schools in early 2023 to bring more accessible music production software to classrooms. With collaboration and ease of use at its core, the platform can accommodate each individual student’s needs to make learning a more creative, hands-on experience.

The Soundation Education platform is available to all teachers and features a new self-service dashboard to help teachers sign up and add students while fostering collaboration between students and teachers. Using the dashboard, teachers can support multiple classes, add students to classes, manage assignments, and prioritize learning goals with custom templates.

For deeper details about the education platform, peruse the Soundation Education overview. For more details about the application, visit the Soundation website.

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