Robot Accelerates Wiring-Harness Manufacturing

by Mat Dirjish

Based in the UK, Q5D, a manufacturer of wire harness automation equipment for additive manufacturing, debuts its first product, the CY1000. Described as a 5-axis, computer numerical control (CNC) additive manufacturing robotic cell, the CY1000 promises to solve the most challenging automation issue: how to automate the addition of electrical connections in increasingly complex products. According to the company, its robot can boost productivity up to three times.

Compared to traditional wiring harnesses that are large, heavy, and expensive, the CY1000 automatically, economically, and securely adds components, connections, and conductors into products or components made of metal, ceramic, or polymer. The company calls this process Electrical Function Integration.

Reportedly, the integration function eliminates the need for separate, expensive, fault-prone wiring harnesses. It also minimizes design constraints, improves reliability, and cut costs. Additionally, it can secure and simplify supply chains by eliminating manual labor.

Externally, the CY1000 measures 2,300 mm (w) x 2,170 mm (l) x 2,320 mm (h) and its working area is 1,000 mm in diameter and 300 mm in height. The X and Y axes operate at 1 m/s, the Z axis at 0.5m/s, and the head and bed axes move at speeds up to 70 rpm. Control is via a touch screen and keyboard. In addition to control functions, the screen provides an overview of the manufacturing platform status and performance, and displays productivity and quality data, if available.

The CY1000 is customizable for each application and comes with polymer and wiring end effectors. Conductive ink end effectors will be available later this year. For deeper data and details, peruse the CY1000 specification page.

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