Cuff-less Blood Pressure Monitor Is Convenient, Comfortable, And Comparable

by Mat Dirjish

In a study with 52 patients in a 12-week cardiac rehabilitation program, Aktiia’s cuff-less and continual blood pressure monitor gave results comparable to traditional ambulatory blood pressure monitors (ABPMs). The nice feature is the continual blood pressure monitoring device provides a more convenient and accessible alternative to traditional blood pressure monitors. The company uses optical sensors to track blood pressure, making it a non-invasive and comfortable option for patients while providing 800+ blood pressure measurements per month.

The trial results shared at Nature Hypertension Research show no significant differences between the Aktiia monitor and ABPMs for systolic blood pressure, with only a marginally non-significant bias for diastolic blood pressure. Together with previous clinical trials, this emerging evidence provides positive indication that the blood pressure values from Aktiia’s technology are equivalent to that of traditional blood pressure monitors.

Illustration of Aktiia and Experiment setup

For more details, review the Persistent Use Of Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor Is Associated With Lower Blood Pressure In Hypertensive Patients study. Also, visit the Aktiia website.

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